Corporate Profile

For over 30 years, the Canadian Petroleum Training Institute (CPTI) has worked with professionals from over 70 countries to provide petroleum training programs, project management, petroleum sector evaluations, and technical consulting for governments, petroleum companies and educational institutes. Based on one of the most dynamic and respected petroleum industries in the world, CPTI has hosted many foreign delegations to Canada for technology exchanges and discussions.

Globally, CPTI provides clients with an integrated one stop shopping option for access to Canadian expertise and technology in upstream and downstream operations, marketing, oil and natural gas transportation, energy management, industry standards and regulatory affairs. Our training programs and workshops combine classroom presentations with site visits to state of the art manufacturing facilities and field installations. This allows the participants to gain a first hand knowledge of some of the world’s most advanced technologies. CPTI provides clients with training programs designed to meet their individual priorities and objectives without the time consuming and risk inherent searching and contacting of service providers.

Mission Statement

To continue to integrate current energy technologies and their practical applications into meaningful and effective training solutions and consulting services for the private sector and government clients worldwide

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