Examples of Consulting Experience

CPTI’s consulting experience is an extensive as its portfolio. From assisting foreign countries establish their petroleum industry’s regulatory structure to analyzing and presenting recommendations on optimizing operations. Our consulting teams provide experienced and sound technical and business analysis, recommendations and reporting.

China – Daqing Petroleum Company
Selection and briefing of technical and training advisors for assignment to the Daqing Petroleum Company as part of a SAIT project for the World Bank.
Peru – PetroPeru
Assessed the current state of the client’s Talara gas plants throughput with the objective of attaining higher throughput. Reports contained technical and financial analysis and recommendations with respect to upgrading facilities and/or building new facilities.

  Bangladesh, India, Pakistan – Nova Corporation
Conducted an analysis and assessment of the hydrocarbon reserves, deliverability, processing capabilities, pipeline systems of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh with the purpose of the client assessing the feasibility of inter-country oil and gas trade.
Canada – Nova Corporation
Researched and developed an in depth listing of Canadian training service companies and their capabilities to enable the client to contract and supply training services worldwide.
Canada – CIDA
Part of a team that developed a report for CIDA on Environmental Concepts, Practices and Capabilities in Canada.
Colombia – Alberta Government
As part of a team, provided a report on Work Opportunities in Colombia for Canadian Petroleum Service Companies.